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Cargo bike for last mile delivery
Our Technology

Our Technology

We develop technologies that harness the power of the human body - the ultimate renewable energy source.

Z-One and Only’s patented helical drive system utilizes the natural strengths of the human body to maximize the efficiency and output of human-powered machinery.

The principle of the system is that it allows for a “constant linear input force”

and translates it into to rotational movement:

The core technology is well understood with two patents granted, one patent pending, and one provisional patent applied.

We are a pre-revenue company inviting you to contact us for licensing and other potential opportunities

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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

Z-One for

Manual Wheelchairs

Our Vital Drive accessory attaches to existing wheelchairs and efficiently enhances the user’s natural motion for greater mobility.


for Bikes

The "Z-Bike's" Chainless, self-charging drive system improves mobility and efficiency while eliminating the need for external charging stations.

TEDx Talk
Zale Zeviar, Chairman & CEO of Z-One and Only Technology

"The one thing that has the ability to bring this world back from the brink is integrity combined with creativity in technology"

In this TEDx Talk, Zale shares his passion for the care of our planet, mother earth, and as the creator of Z-One™, imparts his mission to reduce the carbon footprint with human powered technology.

Our Team

The Z-One Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

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