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Innovative Mechanical Drive System

In today's world we are witnessing astounding technological advancements in the computer and communications industries, but truly revolutionary mechanical innovations, ones with a dramatic impact, are all too rare. 

Z-One and Only Technology Inc's completely new mechanical process will better utilize the natural strengths of the human body and re-open an entire range of design possibilities for its numerous applications. With the ability to increase the efficiency of primarily human powered machinery of all kinds, we aspire to assist in the green movement our planet is in great need of with our innovative drive system.

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Our initial application is a whole new wheelchair experience


As our technology is applicable across a multitude of machines, we have focused the use of this technology first on the wheelchair, to assist those in having a whole new daily experience of life. 

The trend for persons with disabilities is to be more independent, mobile and participatory. However, the common mode of wheelchair propulsion has stayed the same for more than 100 years. The hand rim assembly drive system has been the standard, yet studies now show that this is an inherently inefficient transfer of energy, using weak muscle groups in an strenuous movement. More problematic, however, is the rotational stroke, which is the cause of many injuries to the hand, wrist, elbow and shoulders. Carpel tunnel syndrome and other hand/arm/shoulder injuries are common among manual wheelchair users. The Z-One and Only Technology Inc's drive system can greatly enhance user mobility, and reduce repetitive strain injuries. The mechanics and ergonomics provide for a natural, linear stroke.

The operation of the Z-One and Only Technology's  drive system for wheelchairs incorporates the bio-mechanically efficient movement of a straight push and/or pull of the arms. There is the added benefit of being able to add multiple gearing to the final drive ratio with the addition of an in-line gearing system or multi-speed hub. Due to the nature of the Z-One and Only Technology's drive system, a variety of wheel sizes can be introduced. This unique benefit allows for optimizing the wheel size to suite the chair, the environment and the user's desired range of mobility (from a sedentary person to one who is very active). This can be done without needing to factor in the diameter of the wheel, which is necessary when mounting a hand rim to a wheel. Variable wheel sizing opens up a whole new range of design options, from wheelchair entry and exit to a complete frame redesign. Other options, unrelated to the wheel size, include in-line compound drive shafts, braking systems, gearing shift handles and various clutching systems, all while adding minimal weight to a wheelchair. This all adds up to a more efficient drive system that allows the user to traverse greater distances and access more variable terrain.

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"The one thing that has the ability to bring this world back from the brink is integrity combined with creativity in technology"

- Zale Zeviar, CEO & President of Z-One giving a TedXTalk


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