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Revolutionary Leap in E-bike Technology

The "Z-bike"

We remove the sprocket and chain and utilize a helical drive system, creating a self-charging innovation that transforms your ride into an endless adventure

Superior Performance

Converting linear motion into rotational motion, the energy from pedaling is transferred more effectively to an onboard generator, resulting in higher wattage output.

Chainless Helical Drive

Chainless Helical Drive minimizes friction and energy loss

Constant linear input force provides continuous energy source for onboard generator

Planetary Gear Ratio drives highly efficient pedal to motion transfer

Variable resistence provides options for desired charging and fitness level

Superior Biometrics and Ergonomics reduce injury risk

Can You Imagine?

The Z-bike is not just a mode of transportation, it's a lifestyle choice that embraces innovation, sustainability, and the joy of limitless exploration.

Pedal-Powered Charging

Every pedal stroke becomes a source of power. The rider effortlessly charges an onboard generator while they ride, ensuring their Z-bike is always ready for their next journey.


Lightweight Design

By eliminating traditional pedals and bulky battery, the Z-bike offers a sleek and lightweight design without compromising on performance. We offer the joy of effortless mobility without the extra weight.

Image by KBO Bike

Unlimited Range

No more range anxiety! Transforming pedaling into a continuous source of energy provides riders unlimited range to explore the world without worrying about running out of power.

Image by Josh Nuttall

Innovative Design

The Z-bike stands out with its innovative helical drive system, showcasing a blend of cutting-edge technology and modern aesthetics. Experience the next trend in eco-friendly transportation.

Image by Terry Jaskiw

Environmentally Friendly

We harness the power of human movement to reduce the carbon footprint. The Z-bike eliminates the need for external charging stations and embraces sustainable, pedal-powered technology.

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