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Eco-Efficient Energy

Ageless Innovation to meet today's challenges...

The Z-One Zenith 

Human Powered Generator

Z-One and Only’s patented helical drive system maximizes the efficiency and output of human-powered generators.


The principle of the system is that it allows for a “constant linear input force” translating to rotational movement, which present significant advantages over the conventional crank system with circular intermittent torque utilized by existing human-powered generators.

Z-One human powered technology for energy sources


Gear Ratio

Our planetary drive system optimizes the gear ratio of the generator to the pedal system, ensuring the energy from pedaling is transferred more effectively to the generator, resulting in higher wattage output.

Variable Resistence Mechanism

We allow users to adjust resistance based on their preference or fitness level. This ensures the generator operates at an optimal load for maximum efficiency without causing excessive strain on the user.

Low-Friction Components

Innovative, low-friction patented helical drive minimizes energy loss during transmission from the pedals to the generator. This ensures that the majority of the pedaling effort is converted into electricity.


Pedal Design

We design pedals for optimal comfort and efficiency. Properly positioned pedals with adjustable straps and a comfortable surface enables consistent pedaling and reduced fatigue.


Drive System

Implementing a direct drive system eliminates the need for multiple intermediary components reduces energy losses associated with friction and mechanical inefficiencies.

Less pedaling, more power…
R&D and testing will validate the efficiency of the Z-One generator:

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