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We’ve applied the sciences of ergonomics and kinesiology to accelerate the next evolution of manual wheelchair design...

The Z-One Vital Drive

Our patented drive system accessory seeks to improve the biomechanics of manual wheelchair mobility, increasing capacity and comfort, and reducing risk of injury for users. 

In addition to the health benefits our technology provides, manual wheelchairs in general present numerous environmental advantages over power wheelchairs by minimizing the need for costly inputs from external energy sources.

Manual wheelchair user off road

Sustainable.  Efficient.  Human-powered.

The Z-One Vital Drive™ accessory:

  • Adapts to existing manual wheelchairs

  • Applies the sciences of ergonomics and kinesiology

  • Efficiently enhances the user’s natural motion for greater mobility

Manual mobility and maneuverability
of the helical Z-One Vital Drive™

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Enhancing the lives of manual wheelchair users...

Reduce shoulder pain of manual wheelchair use

Reduces risk of pain and repetitive stress injuries suffered by a vast majority of long-term manual wheelchair users

Manual wheelchair mobility

Magnifies human motion for greater freedom and independence

Cardiovascular health

Offers valuable cardiovascular and biomechanical health benefits with users staying in their own chair

Eco-friendly solutions

Environmentally superior solution doesn’t require electrical charging or batteries

What the experts are saying...
Helical background

Dr. Neda Khaledi

Associate Professor Kinesiology/affiliated kinesiologist CKA

This technology can play a valuable role in wheelchair skills, promote mobility, and increase the stamina and strength of people with disabilities.

Helical background

Gary Gilberti, ATP
Nationally recognized expert in Complex Rehab and Assistive Technology

In my 38 years of working with mobility products,

Z-One's patented technology is a first of its kind in the market, and is poised to make a significant improvement for manual wheelchair users.

Helical background

Tam Wishart
Maximum Healthcare
& Mobility

I believe there will be significant demand.

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